Use your brain


No artigo How Neuroscience Is Key to Successful Marketing Strategies refere-se que o cérebro humano quando bombardeado por muita informação tem capacidade para fazer alguma filtragem e nem tudo fica retido na mente. Já a teoria da persuasão identificava a existência de «fenómenos» como atenção, exposição, perceção e memória seletivas no que dizia respeito à receção das mensagens mediáticas. No artigo da Mashable, salienta-se que algumas estratégias podem ser úteis para despertar essa atenção (no âmbito de estratégias de marketing):

  • Uso de palavras de acção

Words like discover, explore, download, find and compare are all going to be more effective than milder words like submit or read. But don’t limit yourself to just verbs; words like free, easiest and you can also be very powerful attention-grabbers.

  • Uso de puzzles

If you’ve ever stopped to solve an anagram or other puzzle that appeared on your Facebook newsfeed, you probably recognize that little burst of excitement you get by quickly solving a brain teaser. If it makes sense for your brand, incorporating simple puzzles into your online messaging can be a great way to quickly grab attention.

  • As diferenças de género

The brains of men and women are 99% the same, but that last 1% is critical for marketers. The frontal lobe, which is responsible for problem solving, is bigger in women than in men. If you are marketing to women, leverage this insight by posing a question in your advertising message — something that will interest your female audience through mystery, intrigue or fascination. Even questions with a yes/no answer can capture the attention of a female audience, but should quickly be followed up with an answer that compels them to read further, such as “Find out why” or “Get the facts.”

  • Simplificar

When it comes to online marketing, and especially social media marketing, more is definitely not better. Your message needs to be simple so that it is easy for the brain to receive and ignore.

  • Novidade

The brain is hardwired to appreciate and seek out novelty. In fact, there’s an entire region of the midbrain that responds to novel stimuli. Novelty influences interest, surprise, attraction and even motivation. Adapting your messaging with unexpected colors, unusual words or unique images can work to draw attention. But use this tool wisely, as the brain also seeks familiarity.

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