Como «medir» a comunicação nos meios sociais?

No artigo How to create social media metrics that matter Steve Goldner sugere três pontos a ter em conta na hora de planear a presença online:

1-      Understanding the Business you Represent
Make sure you know EXACTLY what your company stands for. Formally document a position statement, target market to serve, value proposition you provide for your customers, as well as the communication objectives of the company. Share this with stakeholders of the company and make sure you have concurrence.

2-      Don’t “Post” – Publish
There are two missions when running a blog and/or community:

  1.  attract new readers/users,
  2.  make sure the existing audience comes back. The nuance between posting and publishing is the difference between simply putting up some words (i.e. posting an article name and URL) versus gaining peoples attention and getting them interested. As an old (CMO) boss of mine would always say – “words are important.”

3-      Deliver Metrics that Matter to Executives
You have to show results in a manner that is relevant to the stakeholders’ perspective. This means being able to measure awareness, consideration, loyalty, and advocacy. Notice I did not mention sales. (…)

E o autor especifica:


  • Awareness – is typically generated beyond your digital assets. If someone is on your website, blog, or Facebook page, they have already become “aware.” So use a social media monitoring tool. Measure the number of mentions of your brand or website URL.
  • Consideration – shows up by checking out your brand and from a digital perspective this can be measured by how many come to brand website. Look at onsite parameters such as visits, pageviews, and time onsite.
  • Loyalty – comes when individuals engage with brands and literally say, “I want in.” Easy loyalty measurements include number of comments and interactions, sign up on sites, and the number of friends and followers. Individually, none of these items show loyalty, but looking at them collectively provides loyalty insights.
  • Advocates – publically reference your brand. This can be measured by capturing the number of retweets, reblogs, mentions, and positive sentiment for your brand.



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